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    Re: [RC] Pasture - Lisa Redmond

    Where are you located geographically?  If you're in the Southeast,
    orchardgrass doesn't do well unless you're in a mountainous area--the
    piedmont and coastal plain regions get too warm too fast in the spring, so
    it doesn't do well.  That's one reason why so many pastures in the southeast
    are tall fescue--in the US alone there are over 35 million acres of it.
    Incidentally, Tifton 44 is great stuff--I like it better than the
    traditional Coastal Bermuda...so do horses,  it's more palatable.  But, as I
    said in an earlier post, it's a warm season grass, so that's why you get
    fewer cuttings than with fescue--you only get one growing season for warm
    season grasses, versus 2 for cool season ones.
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