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    [RC] Pasture - Rides 2 Far

    > Another > drought> tolerant grass is Bermuda but in our area it usually
    will only take  a start from "plugs". 
    Hauled "Bermuda" (actually Tifton 44 to be exact)  yesterday and get to
    head out again today (heat tolerance training).  The people raising
    fescue around here get 2 cuttings per year. My Bermuda guys get 4, (about
    every 30 days) but they do cut it a little shorter than you cut Bermuda. 
    They call it "sprigging" a field when they plant. Must not be that big of
    a deal, they're doing it everywhere the soil will allow it.  Even the cow
    men have started competing with us for it wanting it in round bales. They
    used to think of it as too expensive for cows but they found out there's
    so little waste that it's actually more economical.  
    I would like to add a little variety to their diet though. Was glad he
    said he's thinking about planting some straight orchard grass.  I have so
    little grass on my hillside that I don't count it at all.  You know it's
    bad when the soil conservation guy leaves his card on your door saying
    they're willing to pay for 1/2 the seed, & fertilizer.  I'd love to take
    them up on it, but where do I put the 5 horses?
    Angie (whose horses do hill work every time they get a drink)
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