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    Re: [RC] Pasture - Rae Callaway

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    > From: Lisa Redmond <lredmond23@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    > To: ridecamp <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     > Date: 7/8/2002 6:56:58 AM
    > Subject: Re: [RC]   Pasture
     Incidentally, Tifton 44 is great stuff--I like it better than the
    > traditional Coastal Bermuda...so do horses,  it's more palatable.  But,
    as I
    > said in an earlier post, it's a warm season grass, so that's why you get
    > fewer cuttings than with fescue--you only get one growing season for warm
    > season grasses, versus 2 for cool season ones.
      What if your warm season is March - December?  Still only one cutting? 
    I've not heard of Tifton 44 - would it grow down here where the Coastal
    Bermuda thrives?
    --- Rae Callaway
    --- tallcarabians@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    --- Tall C Arabians - SE Texas
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