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    Re: [RC] [RC] More ??? - Diane

    How true, But the sand does not hurt them & brushes right off, I have always
    heard the sweat left on is not good for them???
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    > Besides the first thing they do - at least mine - is go to the sand pit
    > they had to dig for themselves in the pasture and roll and roll. When
    > they get up they are caked with sand. But it must feel oh so good.
    > Truman
    > Magnumsmom@xxxxxxx wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > >That said, like Truman pointed out you don't need to use
    > >shampoo on your horse very often.  If you have just come
    > >back from a ride and you want to remove the salts from his
    > >coat (a grand idea), try giving him a warm spray or sponge
    > >bath.  Water will disolve all the salts from him sweating.
    > >A simple sponge water bath will also remove almost all of
    > >the dirt, sand, and mud as well.
    > >
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