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    Re: [RC] [RC] More ??? - Magnumsmom

    Diane wrote:
    > [...]
    > [bathing] seems to be drying out his skin, (especially 
    > mane & tail), as he seems to be getting some dandruff. I 
    > have tried head in shoulders, & conditioner, but [...]
    Never use people shampoo on your animals.  Regular people
    Head and Shoulders will dry out your horse's coat and 
    damage it.  That's probably why it looks dull. People 
    shampoo has an acidic pH balancedfor people hair.  Horses, 
    dogs, cats, etc, have a much lower alkaline pH hair coat. 
    Horse shampoo is balanced for horse's coats.
    That said, like Truman pointed out you don't need to use 
    shampoo on your horse very often.  If you have just come 
    back from a ride and you want to remove the salts from his 
    coat (a grand idea), try giving him a warm spray or sponge 
    bath.  Water will disolve all the salts from him sweating.  
    A simple sponge water bath will also remove almost all of 
    the dirt, sand, and mud as well.
    Since it sounds like you have already stressed your horse's
    skin (dandruff), you may want to try a high quality HORSE
    conditioner rinse.  And then just brush him and let him
    alone.  His coat will recover if you allow it.
    Hope this helps,
    Kathy Myers
    Santa Fe, NM
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