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    Re: [RC] Zilco Tack - Diane

      Thats so funny, I just ordered my Biothane, S Hack from
    Cool Tack, Biothane Halter/Bridle, & reins from the Distance
    Depot. I can not wait to get them & order a pad & breastcollar!!  Im out of funds too!
                               Diane& Brazz
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    From: Typef
    Sent: Saturday, July 06, 2002 5:54 PM
    Subject: Re: [RC] Zilco Tack

    I just purchased a wonderful Biothane breastcollar from Marlene at www.MossRockEndurance.com and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks, Marlene! The straps are not thin at all and it's a very comfortable soft setup for the horse. Can't wait to purchase a matching bridle and reins. Spent my wad already this month so will have to wait, though!
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    From: Sally Ann
    Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002 12:26 PM
    Subject: [RC] Zilco Tack

    Hello ridecamp! I am cleaning out my tackshed and trailer for the up and coming ride season (it seems so far yet so close -ohhh...) I am finding myself throwing away a bunch of my old (very, very used)stuff and I am now in the search for the tack I would die for (hopefully not, I just really want to fall in love with it >vbg< ) Sooo, PLEASE, if anyone has any suggestions on some of the tack they are using I need to hear from you!!!

    I have finally ended my saddle search, but now I am searching for a new breast collar. I have looked into biothane, but I really don't like how thin the straps are and since I am endulging for myself (I mean my horse, yeah.) I was thinking about the Zilco line. They just look really comfortable for the horse. Have any of you ever used that line and if so the standard, eurotech, or ztech model? Which one do you prefer, what does your horse think of it, are they really that easy to clean, and what color looks good on a grey horse >g<? Also, did you have to make any modifications to it? If there are any other brands of breast collars out there that you like more, what are they?

    While I am on the Zilco part of my splurging, (I mean researching for more improved equestrian tools), have any of you tried the Zilco crupper? I have never had to use a crupper on my horse before, but next year I want to compete more, travel more, ("movin' on up...")and I would like to have it on hand just in case. She has had one before, but I have never had to use one. What brands do you all use and where can I get one?

    Let's see..... I have about 2 million girths, :) , halterbridles etc....hackamore, got 'em.... Ohhh yeah!!! I am thinking about purchasing a sidepull for my mare. her training has progressed, and she is so mellow, so what do you all think of sidepulls? Where did you find it and how does your horse respond? My mare is very light and easy (natural horsemanship). Currently I rotate btwn my full cheek snaffle and an "S" hackamore.

    I believe that is all the tack I need, but who knows!?! I am also searching for some "camping/trailer/just in general" equipment. I am thinking about a full bale bag. Do any of you have a rolling bale bag and is it worth the extra $$?

    Well, that is pretty much all the stuff that I am in need of, but if you have any suggestions of any other products that you use I would gladly appreciate the info.


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