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    Re: [RC] [RC] More ??? - Diane

       Thanks, I will remember that, never had to wash any of my horses so
    often, so it never hurt them before. I always knew leaving sweat on them was
    not good, & will just hose him allot more often & get a horse cond. shampoo.
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    > Diane wrote:
    > > [...]
    > > [bathing] seems to be drying out his skin, (especially
    > > mane & tail), as he seems to be getting some dandruff. I
    > > have tried head in shoulders, & conditioner, but [...]
    > Diane,
    > Never use people shampoo on your animals.  Regular people
    > Head and Shoulders will dry out your horse's coat and
    > damage it.  That's probably why it looks dull. People
    > shampoo has an acidic pH balancedfor people hair.  Horses,
    > dogs, cats, etc, have a much lower alkaline pH hair coat.
    > Horse shampoo is balanced for horse's coats.
    > That said, like Truman pointed out you don't need to use
    > shampoo on your horse very often.  If you have just come
    > back from a ride and you want to remove the salts from his
    > coat (a grand idea), try giving him a warm spray or sponge
    > bath.  Water will disolve all the salts from him sweating.
    > A simple sponge water bath will also remove almost all of
    > the dirt, sand, and mud as well.
    > Since it sounds like you have already stressed your horse's
    > skin (dandruff), you may want to try a high quality HORSE
    > conditioner rinse.  And then just brush him and let him
    > alone.  His coat will recover if you allow it.
    > Hope this helps,
    > Kathy Myers
    > Santa Fe, NM
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    Re: [RC] [RC] More ???, Magnumsmom