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    Re: [RC] trimming your horse - Heidi Smith

    Your list was good, Ed.  As to your comment below, the best solution is to by REALLY good nippers that hold an edge, and then the physical strength is not such an issue.  And I'd advise that for anyone who trims their own, even if they DO have the physical strength to use mediocre ones.
    I'd also suggest that contrary to what you said, trimming is actually harder than shoeing.  Shoeing is a matter of mechanically placing a shoe on a prepared surface, and anyone with good technical skill can master it.  What makes a farrier is the ability to do a proper trim BEFORE the shoe goes on.  That, IMO, is the real art and the skill of it.
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    It is my experience that most women do not have physically large enough hands to use the nippers.  Quite a bit of strength is required.  That said, one of the best farriers I have seen is a worman.  If you want to do it try it and see.

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