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    Re: [RC] men's pants - Lori Bertolucci

    Uhhhh...........? Scott, I do believe she meant in the way of being an endurance rider!!
    But now I could be wrong <G>
    Lori B.
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    << My boyfriend has some major potential...  >>

    Now isn't that an interesting turn of phrase.......:o)  Sit him down in front
    of a couple of Robin Hood movies and, once his testosterone is really
    flowing, take him out and put him in a pair of tights.  LOL  I resisted them
    for a long time.  Now I wear them over a snug athletic supporter (I suppose I
    have some major "potentials" as well) and I am VERY comfortable in them.
    Real men do, indeed, eat quiche and wear tights.  :o)

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