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    [RC] [RC] Comments on LD - Magnumsmom

    Mike Maul wrote:
    > I don't see a strong need for age changes because the 
    > statistics don't exist to support it.  I'm uneasy with a 4 
    > year old doing a 5 day LD but even there - I don't have 
    > stats to support this uneasy feeling.
    How about a 4 yo racing a sub 2 hour LD?  Do you want to 
    wait for statistics on this?  How about if such horses just 
    never come back and thus we don't see any "statistics"? 
    This is my concern with the AERC supporting LD race mentality 
    and the current minimum age. 
    Kathy Myers
    AERC # 14992
    Santa Fe, NM
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