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    Re: [RC] Tacky tack - Laurie Durgin

    Mine was made out of tacky, tack. It had bound edges, and is multilayered, but you can see the holes thru it, it also has more padding  like panels along the back.Has leather wear edges where the girth goes. I got mine at Riders warehouse in Atlanta, but they do have a website. They had the best price. Mine is an  aussie pad, ran about 50.00. They are also made in English and western and barrel pads. 30.00 something and up.All the tack stores are carrying them around here. English comes in white too.I have seen them in other catologs somewhere. I'll try to look it up. But my saddles always slipped or the pads came out. I ran into an endurance rider at the store and she said it worked for her. I have only ridden him in it for 2 1/2 hours but so far no heat or back problems, the sweat is supposed to be able to run off easier .  I like it for ease of use and low maintenence.   Laurie and Rascal
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    Where do you get this tacky tack?  Is it a pad?

    Sherie Taylor
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    Yes, it is a pad that can be used alone under your saddle.  Comes in a few solid colors.  Has small air pockets for cooling, but material is such that it can just be hosed off and saddles do NOT slip. I bought mine from The Red Barn, 940-433-2477.  Perhaps they could tell you where the manufacturer is or tell you how you could get one.

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