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    [RC] Feeding Idle Horse - Thank you - and keep it coming - Ridecamp Guest

    Louisa Pierce Louisa_Pierce@xxxxxxxx
    Thank for replying to my msg about the idle horse who is kicing.  And who I think is
    on to much and the wrong grain.  Keep it coming. I am sending your responses to
    his owner.
    More/Update:  A vet came out today, and told the girl to "get him off the Beet Pulp"
    because it has too much sugar in it. And to - get this - increase his grain!
    he is on 6 coffee cans a day (3 am and 3 pm) of 14% Nutrena Vitality already.
    BTW:  The horse is not processing the grain. I took his owner over and showed her
    his poop.  His poop is all grain!  The birds come in seconds and eat all the grain that
    he is NOT processing.  The other horses poop is fine (no birds). Just his.  
    I am worried if they take him off the BP his weight will drop even lower.  I think the
    BP is the only thing keeping any weight on him.
    The horse will leave my barn on the 14th.  I wish sooner since I can't stand to see this.
    But I worry about him as well.  
    If you have any other good ideas, pls send them to me and I will send them to her.
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