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    [RC] NOT the HW again - Roger Rittenhouse

    Where is  Jerry Fruth when you need him.
    In the flat SE rides I never get off, cant get him slow enough to jump
    off, then I would never get backup.
    In the 'hilly' rides I get off - some, tail up and sort of run jump
    weave going down, Have to stay out of his way.  I guess I do about 4
    to 5 miles off the horse in a 50. I dont get off in a 25 as long as
    its safe.(training ride?)
    I run at home, I take him with me  like going on a run with the dog, but
    I take my horses.
    As I get older and he gets stronger I get off LESS.
    At a noted  ride here (Biltmore) there is a rough climb at the 35 mile
    point. I ALWAYS get off at the bottom,   last year I was trotting
    along yacking with another rider, made the comment  I will be getting
    off at Ducket Ridge since its too hard to ride him up that trail,
    rider looked back and said 'we just went over it'
    Oh well  -I did get off and run down it.
    I have to pick a better then average horse, condition with dedication, ride
    very smart,  good  equipment  fit   the horse, pay attention to
    the minor details of feeding and shoeing,  and more conditioning -
    ride ride ride.
    Just got back from about 5 miles  up/down behind the farm at walk trot
    short canters, not much flat on these trails,
    also its 95 degs with 90% humidity.  Rode from 12:30 to 2:00.
    We both know we did a workout.
    HWeights  just have to do it ..?? fillin blank
    A no wimpy HW
      Roger Rittenhouse
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