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    [RC] A little story about my ride in the OD 50 - Ridecamp Guest

    F. Hillman capella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Just posted this story (and photos) on my website - www.aurigafarm.8m.com 
    for those who enjoy a good tale of endurance riding on the OD!
    BTW - if you've never tried the OD, don't let the mention of the
     rocky trails put you off from doing this ride -- it is probably
     the most spectacular in terms of stunning scenery, demanding
     terrain, and technical endurance challenges that might be found
     on the east coast.
    Last year I did the 25 (or LD) as a sponsor for a junior -- and
     I had a blast! It was easy, and tons of fun.  No pressure or 
    stress since the management (very wisely!!) only awarded
     completions -- a great way to have riders relax and enjoy a
     small sampling of what endurance riding is about.
    This year I put what I learned last year (in the LD) to the 
    test -- and did the 50. I can honestly say I loved every moment
     of it, and would do it again in a heartbeat. :-)
    PS.  Tom -- regarding your recent post:  There are more than a 
    few of us who also "train" ourselves, and not just our horses, 
    for endurance riding. From personal experience I'll add that personal training certainly goes a long way towards trimming
     the waistline .. besides wearing out scores of mountain running shoes. ;-)  
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