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    [RC] Mariposa "Run For The Gold" - Richard Theodore

    This ride was terrific.  The weather was a little humid in the afternoon,
    which is unsual. Even with the humidity, no horses were treated on this
    ride.  The riders took care of their horses.
    	 I live here and haven't been riding much and I was even impressed with the
    beauty of the area.  I rode my 23 year old Witez II mare, Kisha and we
    completed in 21st place out of 47 riders (not official).  The first 25 was
    great.  The afternoon loop had one steep climb. I blew it on this climb and
    allowed my horse to go faster than she should have up it.  I was really
    worried about her.  However, the gals I rode with, Peggy DeBuyser and Katee
    Owens(Advantage Saddles)helped me and we walked a while and made it to the
    vet check.  At the vet check it was a different story.  Kisha went into
    overdrive and and kept getting stronger the longer the ride went.  Yes, the
    second loop of the second half was relatively flat and Kisha could do a
    relaxed trot which left her with plenty of energy. It's too bad that I
    didn't have alot of energy like her.  I was flat exhausted!  I learned alot
    on this ride.  This was only my 2nd 50 miler and this mare's 1st 50.  I know
    now the secret to endurance is pace your horse, pace your horse, pace your
    horse AND get YOUR BODY in shape!
      By the way Kisha is the grandmother to my Dr Thunderbask+// Filly, 6 week
    old true black, Mariah.
    	Thanks to the Mariposa Mountain Riders and ride managers Jim and Joanne
    Dietz for putting on the ride.  Thanks to Leigh and Sherry Gamble for
    delicious food both Friday and Saturday. A special "Thank You" to all the
    riders who participated in the 4-H Equine Group, silent auction.  The kids
    made $477.00 and it looks like they will be going to the Grand Nationals at
    the Cow Palace (San Francisco) in October.  And thank you volunteers for all
    your support, water, snacks and time!
    I'm looking forward to getting in shape and riding this ride next year!  See
    you on the trails!
    Mary Darlene Theodore - To Finish Is To Win!
    P.S.  My friend Linda Dollar finished in 4th place. Her daughter, Deborah
    Breshears finished in 5th place and Peggy DeBuyser finished 20th place. (Not
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