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    [RC] A little Story about Cherokee - Ridecamp Guest

    Louisa Pierce Louisa_Pierce@xxxxxxxx
    I Just had to share a little story about Cherokee.  Cherokee is a 14.2 hand
    Appy-X (no papers).  He is very strongly built, my guess he has
    Morgan in him somewhere, as well as some kind of Cobb.
    When I first met him, I said to his owner.  "He'd make a good 25 mile CTR
    horse". He just looked strong and I knew he had HEART, the most important
    thing you need to do in ANY kind of CTR or LD in my opinion!
    His owner started to train with me. And we lowered his Heart Rate and Reps
    considerably.  At the holds AND the Finish's he is always between 32-44
    with a resp of 10-12.
    He is tired at the end  (but that is getting less and less) and he does not
    finish with a ton of time to spare.    His horse buddies include an ArabX,
    Morgan and a very well known Standardbred to this forum :-) - and he has beaten us ALL
    by 1/2 point or more every time.  :-)
    He is always scoring in the 90s (this year he did two 96 and 96.5).  This
    little guy just amazes me.
    You can check out a photo of him  going thru the River at Claude Hill at
    the Allyson Web site. (http://www.allisonphoto-sd.com/proofs.htm) 
    Click on "river crossing" and he is # R1-6.
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