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    Re[4]: [RC] B.C.A.A. Complex - Roger Rittenhouse

    Bob  This issue was not about a DRUG  but a feed substance.
    That was why I choose to use the BCAA along with high doses of SIMPLE
    SUGAR  given at MANY ride to increase the blood sugar levels during
    the ride and thus INCREASE performance.
    Neither BCAA nor SUGAR is a drug.
    Feeding a strange named naturally occurring  feed substance in large
    qualities is morally wrong but feeding 16 oz of maple syrup is not
    - since its simple sugar and sounds good?
    Go figure that one.
    Remember   4-5 years ago when you and a MESS of others were stringing me
    up behind the horse for using another form of 'sugar' fuel with a BAD
    name  CARBO --? Well that stuff sure is much safer then some of the
    'extra'  CARBO fuel sources I see given today.
    No question in my mind and our good vet science  - about the
    potential for a major crash   using simple SUGAR to fuel a
    horse during a race.
    I am not talking about slight amounts here.
    Sure it works   - sure IF you do it wrong the horse will crash hard.
    Sure its legal??
    However YOU  - Bob told me I should be held in violation of rule 13 for
    feeding a strange named carbohydrate feed product. ?
    One that is based on complex sugars - slow uptake one that is
    formulated  to control the glucose swings. Much safer to use then high
    fructose corn syrup.
    Should one use BCAA - I would suggest NOT.
    Should one use LARGE amounts of SUGAR? Well? MAYBE?
    I see the potential for the use of SUGAR and BCAA to have a positive
     affect on the performance of the horse.  While SUGAR used in high
    dose levels -define that - can surely have a negative affect.
    Again neither are drugs neither are defined as drugs by the medical
    but BOTH may/will improve performance.
      Which one is morally extra wrong?
    I will continue to feed fuel products during a ride/race depending on
    the need to fuel - replenish the  expenditure. I may use grain - SWEET feed and I
    may use a refined carbohydrate product.
     Damage control substances apply to AFTER the ride/race.
    Roger R
    BM> From: "Bob Morris" <bobmorris@xxxxxxxx>
    BM> Subject: RE: [RC]   B.C.A.A. Complex
    BM> Truman:
    BM> You feel, really feel there is an interpretation of the
    BM> statement "The integrity of Endurance Competition requires
    BM> that the equine is   not influenced by any drug, medication
    BM> or veterinary treatment." You feel that it cannot stand on
    BM> its own?
    BM> Who do you wish to interpret for you so the meaning is
    BM> clear? In my mind, if the rider has to question if the
    BM> substance is a drug, then that substance should not be used.
    BM> Bob
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