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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:29:25 GMT 2003
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    [RC] BCAA Angie?? - Roger Rittenhouse

    Hey Angie  just toss the stuff in the manure pile
     - Heck I was working on the BCAA issue LONG
    before you mentioned it.
    MY response that started this issue came after others asked what  does it
    The discussion has nothing to do with your post. It is a technical
    point(s) discussion about the affects and effects of a substance
    called  BCAA and how
    its use  is against RULE 13..
    roger r
    > From: Rides 2 Far <rides2far@xxxxxxxx>
    > Subject: Re: [RC]   BCAA
    >> Someone mentioned taking BCAA to help during and after a ride.  Where 
    > do you get the human form and how do you take it?  
    > For real! I started this topic just trying to decide whether to squirt
    > the stuff out to get the syringe!  Now I just want to know how much of
    > this stuff I should suck out of the tube per competition?
    > Angie (who feels a bit hypocritical to run after stuff that I don't let
    > my horse have "because it's bad for him?")
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