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    [RC] Allergies and herbal remedies - Ridecamp Guest

    Nancy Himsl t.o.jones@xxxxxxxxxxxx
    I  hope that someone out there may have some experiences to share 
    regarding treating allergies with herbal remedies. I own a 7 yr old
    TWH mare who, for the last 2 years has developed a high respiration
    rate when allowed on the grass. It has occured at the same time the
    each year, beginning in mid June. I was watching for symptoms this
    time and was attentive to what was going on. The vet was out to 
    examine her last year and said it's definitely not COPD. If she is
    fed grass hay but not allowed on the pasture her symptoms dis-
    appear.I did some muscle testing, it appears that young dandelions
    are fine, once they switch to seeding she tests weak.
         Two weeks ago, just as the weeds were beginning to appear her
    hr was 36 and resp.12. four days ago with a lot of them seeding 
    and her eating them her resp began to creep up to 24, the following 
    day she was at 42. I pulled her off the grass and started her on
    a herbal formula containing garlic, fennel, rosemary and one 
    other ingredient that I can't recall. After only 2 days, her
    resp as of today was down to 24, still not great but we're
    also in a hot spell here with temps hitting +27c.
         I was pretty much ready to write her off as a distance
    horse, last year we only did one 25 ctr before this mysterious
    illness hit, at the high point her resp was 60/min. I didn't
    do many miles last year as I was trying to figure out what was 
    happening.After each exposure to the pasture it would take about
    2 weeks for her resp to return to normal
         Are there any other routes or treatments I should pursue?
    She gets probiotics, buccah leaves and vitamina and minerals.
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