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    [RC] Fort Schellbourne - DreamWeaver

    I'm working on the photos from the ride. It'll be a few days till I get all 5 days up on endurohorse.com . For now, there are a few photos from the 5th day of the ride here: http://www.xprides.com/schellbournephotos02.html

    If your browser doesn't display the photos correctly, hit reload and/or clear your cache. If you were there and know I took photos of you, email me and I will send them to you.

    Thanks to everybody who helped me, Dave Rabe came over every morning and helped me saddle up and several people helped me get back on each day on the trail. And, thanx to Rocky for standing still so well for me and for taking me thru another 5 day ride so easily. He got his 100th ride completion on the first day, and we just happened to place 100th. Couldn't have planned it any better! :+D

    Yesterday on our way down Schellbourne Pass, the Pony Express rider was going east, doing the yearly re-enactment.


    P.S. Corky thanks for all the great photos too!!!

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