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    Re: [RC] re: 'hazing to trot' and our Rules - Jim Holland

    Heidi Smith wrote:
    > Personally, I think it is a good thing when the rider has a crew member
    > present the horse, and the rider stands back with the vet and watches.
    > Gives the rider an opportunity to actually view the horse, and the vet can
    > also make any commentary to the rider that he/she deems appropriate, while
    > the horse is actually trotting.
    > Heidi
    This is a great idea and is what I try to do if at all possible.  My
    crew learns a lot as well by listening to the discussion. 
    Unfortunately, to reduce congestion in the P&R area, some rides limit
    the vet check to one person and the horse. In these cases, if I have a
    concern I want to address with the vet, then I will do the trot out. If
    not, I let them do it and watch from a distance. 
    Sunny has been trained to trot on cue, head even with the shoulder from
    either left or right side, on a loose rein. This is the safest way,
    since the handler is less likely to get stepped on or change the horse's
    gait by pulling on his head.  Unfortunately, this tends to make him look
    less "spirited", but you can't have everything! 
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
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