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    Re[2]: [RC] [RC] Pre-Ride VC Issues and a few others - Deanna German

    I have an example of why Roger's words need to be heard and acted upon:
    Last fall I was at a ride crewing for a 50 and 100 miler, so I had a lot of
    time to watch horses trot out in the vet area as I tried to organize my
    e'lytes, heart monitor and other stuff for two riders in different
    Saw a brand spankin' new LD rider trot out her horse for completion. The
    horse's gait went:
    trot, OWW!, trot, OWW! trot, OWW! etc. etc. complete with sinking rear end
    on the OWW! to clearly indicate which of the 4 was hurting. Didn't want to
    weight that right hind.
    The rider didn't seem to know what was up and the vet clearly struggled with
    what to do, visibly squirming as she made her decision.
    The vet awarded completion, but said, "don't stand for BC." Then the rider
    said, "I still get my placing, right?"
    Now, I'm just a random horse owner, endurance hopeful and crew, for all I
    know it was a cramp or a stone bruise or something else not very serious,
    but a vet is supposed to judge what they see, right? Lame is lame, isn't it?
    This horse didn't look fit to continue to me. There seems to be some
    reluctance to pull horses at the finish and I don't understand that.
    Deanna (Ohio)
    PS - Roger, don't leave leadership of AERC!
    Roger wrote:
    Have the rides where strict pre-vetting both  east and west - used the
    SAME criteria at All the vet checks AND THE FINISH.
    In plain words would a horse that was not allowed to start due to an un-even
    gait or some other 'failed' criteria not based on the AERC
    definition of lameness, be pulled at a VC or the finish?
    A bobble or uneven gait that prevented a horse from starting should
    also pull the horse at the finish.
    Our lameness definition says a horse is lame and not fit to continue IF
    he displays an abnormally of gait  actually aberration of gait - that is
    consistently observable under all circumstances  that results in
    pain or threatens  immediate athletic performance. All can read on page 8 of our Rules.  I concur 100 percent with that
    So does a bobble here a toe drag there short stride in one direction,
    fall under this definition. I think not.  Does it apply equally to
    the start as well as the finish?
    Lets try this- you watch a horse trot it goes like this  on every
    1 bob bob bob  head move 1/2 inch but noted
    2. BOB BOB BOB head moves 3 inch sure is noted
    3. KABOB KABOB KABOB head move the length of the neck  Well noted
    ALL ARE DEAD LAME and should be eliminated.
    We do not need a change in the rule just compliance.
    Roger R
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