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    [RC] re: Rogers post on vetting - Teresa Van Hove

    I have to agree (from a different perspective) that I don't like this
    AERC approach to ride vetting.  As a RM putting on a ride in a less
    populated region my ride vets were all experienced horse vets, and with
    some ride vetting experience but not a lot.  I'm sure the vets would
    have been more comfortable if the AERC vet handbook gave more decisive
    guidelines (I did think the 2001 update was better.)   
    Unless AERC really wants to limit endurance to places where its already
    established; I think it would be helpful to have more materials
    available to the ride vets, instead of AERC just telling them that they
    (the vets) know best.  The earlier vet book especially seemed to be
    written not to step on any toes, rather than to provide useful
    information on AERC vetting stds.
    My take on the current AERC thinking is that new vets are expected to be
    non head vet at rides where the head vet is a very experienced AERC ride
    vet and to learn from the experienced ride vet and to attend the AERC
    convenitions for extra ride vet instruction.  Well this just does not
    work that well for much of the country.  Vets are busy, they cant just
    attend a convention that is not helping with continued accredidation. 
    And new vets learn the style of whatever experienced vet they work
    under; this is no help  for making AERC vetting stds more uniform across
    the country.
    I think AERC could provide a big service to the community by 
    developing a video on ride vetting.  Have a group of experienced
    ride vets chronicle a series of vet examinations, and BC judgings
    and explaining why they would or would not pull a horse; and score
    it a certain way for BC.  AERC should face the reality that not 
    every ride can afford to import a Barney Fleming or equiv. and
    that many ride vets in the country cant afford the time it would take to 
    travel to a big ride or to the convention.  AERC should make it easier
    for vets that support the sport by  vetting 1 or 2 small rides a year
    in their local areas to learn the AERC vetting standards in MHO.  
    Teresa Van Hove
    former RM, #M17417 
    ps I sent this yesterday to Roger and ridecamp but had a typo in the
    ridecamp addy
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