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    [RC] re:shivering after hosing - Teresa Van Hove

    >  When we got back I hosed her off and a few minutes later noticed that she
    >   appeared to be shivering.
    Since I happen to own a "chill baby" horse, who'm I have to blanket at
    some vet checks where some other horses are getting aggressively
    sponged/scooped, my guess would be this horse just runs cooler.  I'd try
    leaving a bucket of water to warm while you ride and just sponge her
    next time - no cold hose water.  I would blanket and walk her around if
    she gets chilled again.  Being chilled after exercise can lead to bigger
    problems like cramped muscles or even colic, so while you shouldn't
    panic, I think you should take definite action to warm up a horse that
    is shivering with cold.  
    my .02 cents
    Teresa Van Hove and Grey Moun (brrrrr, that breeze is cold when I'm not
    moving much at a vet check)
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