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    [RC] The HEIGHTS & depths of Endurance - goearth

    Personally,  having been pulled at the finish of 2 100's, a 2 and a 4 i know the depths.  My biggest High in all of Life has been a horse that wants to canter at 80 miles.  My heart goes out to Debbie and Julie and Richard and Karen Parli the Breeders of the Taschi Horses for being pulled at the finish of the OD at 1.  I have never felt that high or that low.  And if you are looking for eternal Highs without the lows then this is not the sport for you.  Because i rode g.m. Chagall on his first ride and felt him after Shermans Gap i knew what he was.  Jeannie Waldron bought him but Lynne Gilbert fell in Love with him and a match was made.  In my sales contracts i say that you Must Love this Horse.  From someone who has sold over 75 horses i have never found a more perfect pair as Lynne and Chagall.  They make this fun because after the money is spent i get to ride their tide.  I am so proud of Lynne and Chagall (Menes/Cedenza) that i'd really like Lynne to tell of her highs and lows to get this horse to the OD and take everything thing they had. And to tell that Chagall is blind in 1 eye.  tom sites