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    Re: [RC] [RC] RC Shivering - Brittany Murphy

    My horse had a 'shivering' episode once, and it was wierd and out of the ordinary for him to shiver, AND to act the way he was. I'm guessing the shivering was a nervous reaction after reading this thread.
    My farrier came out to shoe and got there early. He just brought my horse out of the pasture, tied him up and got started. When I got there, he had the two fronts done already, and he mentioned that Harley was being jumpy, a real pain-in-the-#*&, and he was shivering like crazy. It was rainy that day, but not real cold. This is a horse who spends 24/7 out to pasture, rain,wind,snow, whatever and I've NEVER seen him shivering. This is only the second time this particular farrier has shod my horse, and the first time, I was there and Harley was his normal calm self. I was worried that he was cold, or sick or something, but when he got done Harley was fine again. My thoughts then turned to the circumstances... new guy getting me out of the pasture, tying me up and pounding on my hooves and Mom's not here. He HAD to be nervous. Harley isn't new to being shod without me being there, but not by someone he doesn't know. My old farrier was a neighbor, and I kept Harley at his place for 3 years so they were very familier. And now that I think about it, the farrier also had said the Harley tried to nip at him when he was catching him. He certainly isn't the nervous bred type tho', I guess he just got nervous this time.

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