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    [RC] Looking for evidence of the therapeutic effects of permanent static magnets - Tamara Woodcock

    In my recent delve into alternate therapies, I have read some interesting thing on magnets. I'm talking about just plain ordinary permanent static magnets not the pulsed-field magnetic therapy

    So far I found exactly one study indicating positive results from magnets...

    Baylor's Institute for Rehabilitation Research in Houston used magnets (multipolar, circular pattern) supplied by Bioflex, Inc. and sham magnets. This was a double-blind study. The patients with active magnets did report a significant reduction of pain.

    My question to those who have tried the various magnetic pads, blankets, wraps, etc. for horses. What have been your results? What evidence can you give, if magnets have worked for horse in pain relief, that the effect could not have been caused by some other therapy?

    Just wondering before I try magnets as topical pain relief on my horses


    The study referenced above:
    Vallbona, Carlos, Carlton F. Hazlewood, and Gabor Jurida. 1997. Response of pain to static magnetic fields in postpolio patients: A double-blind pilot study. Archives of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 78(11): 1200-1203.

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