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    Re: [RC] [RC] Global warming - Tamara Woodcock

    Depending on which scientist you ask, the most dangerous result of global warming could be the triggering of a ice age, Global temperature change can be fairly quick and drastic. Like slowly walking up a not-so-steep hil, then finding a 70% climb the las few feet followed sheer drop off. If the Earth is due for another plummet in temperature, such a change could be started by changes in the North Atlantic currents.

    The warmth of the northern latitudes (say Europe) is created by a powerful North Atlantic current that flows from the tropics to Greenland. This is what makes Europe (same latitude as Canada) so much warmer than Canada

    The north Atlantic current delivers warm surface water to northern regions. This salt-heavy sinks near Greenland and then goes back south again.

    A greenhouse warming effect can cause cooling by dumping large amounts of fresh water into the ocean, and interrupting this current. Under greenhouse warming, large amounts of fresh water enter the ocean through increased high-latitude rainfall and melting ice. Shifts in the ice flow can also cause the buildup and then sudden release of millions of gallons of freshwater into the Atlantic. Thus disrupting the current, thus changeing global warming into ice age.

    So see, everyone is right, no matter which side of the temperature issue you fall on...


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