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    [RC] Global warming - Rides 2 Far

     Has this cycle happened before? Maybe. Is 
    > this part> of a 7-10 year cycle. No, it's bigger than that. Does your
    shorter > cycles> still occur? Sure. Is the sky falling? Not yet!
    Ran across an old Reader's Digest article in my mom's basement awhile
    back. The lead story was, "Are We Entering a New Ice Age?"  I remember
    spending a whole wenter trying to keep the ice thawed on the buckets back
    around the time it was published. I sat down and read it and they had
    some pretty convincing stats.  Now...given the choice between Global
    Warming and a "New Ice Age" I'll take warming. Glaciers leave a trail of
    rocks and electrolytes are cheaper than pads. I don't know about that
    scratches theory. My ability to tan hasn't improved a bit in the last 10
    years. ;-)
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