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    [RC] Barefoot horses - Bob Morris

    I can take a lot but this one was just to much for me to
    keep quiet about. I believe there are many persons on this
    list that will dispute the assessment made about this horse.
    <<<<BTW,..........I'm a non-believer, too.  I don't
    believe the horses that you shoe are sound.  I don't
    see horses that are shod that have healthy, sound
    bodies.  I see shod horses with painful, taut and
    tied up muscles and painful looks to their eyes as
    well as pain in their mouth area.  Even the current
    miracle endurance horse who has 20,000 career miles
    that was in Equus this month, Zayante.  His body
    posture and muscles structure show, even in pics, a
    lot of pain.  Horses like this have heart.  They are
    like some human super athletes who work through all
    sorts of pain.  Whether it's adrenaline or
    whatever............they persist and suceed in their
    sport even while wrecking their bodies.
    I'm not doubting that you "think" your horses are
    sound.  I just don't think you really know what to
    look for.  I can't remember seeing a sound, shod horse
    since I learned what to look for.
    The one thing that my chiro marvels over my horses is
    how smooth and supple their muscles are.  He says he
    doesn't treat any other horses that have as supple
    muscles as mine do.  Then, again, I'm the only owner
    with barefoot horses that he treats.>>>>
    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID
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