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    [RC] Fwd: [naturalhorsetrim] Alert!!!! Rescue Fraud!!! - drhopkins

    > I know none of us would fall for this, but please check your local paper and 
    > Classified fliers to see if he is running the ad in your area.  It will 
    > HORSES NEEDED, A 2nd Chance Program, Call 1-330-528-0355.  If it it being run 
    > your area call the paper and inform them of the info below.  I called two 
    > papers that run the ad and they were glad I contacted them and would stop 
    > the ad.  One paper may be doing a story on it in hopes of getting more 
    victims to 
    > come forward.
    > Thanks,
    > Anna 
    > Forwarded Message:
    > > To: naturalhorsetrim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    > > From: "myojd" <myojr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    > > Subject: [naturalhorsetrim] Alert!!!!  Rescue Fraud!!!
    > > Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 14:59:31 -0000
    > > -----
    > <tt>
    > If this is not appropriate, please delete ... Moderator, this man is <BR>
    > operating in your home area (near Cleveland, OH) <BR>
    > <BR>
    > See news article at<BR>
    > <a href="http://www.newsnet5.com/news/1466142/detail.html";>http://
    > www.newsnet5.com/news/1466142/detail.html</a><BR>
    > <BR>
    > this guy has been running ads and taking local horses to the slaughter <BR>
    > auction in Sugarcreek, OH - people have known of his actions and have been 
    > to nail him, but finally the news camera risked a horse and caught <BR>
    > him IN THE ACT!!!<BR>
    > <BR>
    > We need to crosspost this as he has been runnig ads in pa and ohio <BR>
    > for sure, but god knows how many other states he covers ... <BR>
    > <BR>
    > He advertises being a rescue called "second chance" ( NOT related to <BR>
    > EGR)<BR>
    > <BR>
    > Please crosspost and have make sure ANYONE who has or may have given <BR>
    > a horse to this man gets in touch with this tv station and/or ALL of <BR>
    > the following:<BR>
    > Mike Cassetty, Boston Heights Prosecutor 330-864-6611<BR>
    > Summit Co. Sheriff 330-379-2181<BR>
    > Sherry Bevan Walsh, Summit Co. Prosecutor 330-643-2800<BR>
    > <BR>
    > The more victims that report, the more weight the case will have!<BR>
    > <BR>
    > We need to STOP him once and for all!!!!!!!! WE cannot let him harm <BR>
    > legitimate groups by his usage of the name of "rescue" in his <BR>
    > FRAUD!!!!!! <BR>
    >  <BR>
    > Puppy article on same man:<BR>
    > <BR>
    > <a 
    > www.newsnet5.com/specialassignment/1468282/detail.html</a><BR>
    > <BR>
    > [Moderator--I have seen his ads in the Muskingum County Advertiser and the 
    > Zanesville Times Recorder every week for a long time.? How appalling!? I 
    > write them both.]<BR>
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