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    [RC] I do not "do" dually's anymore. - Ridecamp Guest

    Laura Tichenor lit959@xxxxxxxxx
    In March my husband and I replaced my '92 454, 4 x 4, chevy, 4 speed auto, long bed, gas dually, I drove it more than 6 years.  We bought a '02 Chevy, gas, 4 x 4, short bed, 5 speed auto, no dually, with the 8.1L engine, 2500HD which includes the fabulous!!!!!  Allsion 1000 transmission.
    The non-dually short bed out pulls hands down over the 454 dually.  I now have 4k on the new truck.  About 500 miles are in-town miles.  I am getting way better mpg with this truck.  There is zero swaying, no falling off the road.  I can now see down the side of my trailer!  It turns on a dime.  It fits in all parking places.  I get about 12-13 mpg hauling.  This truck won't cost us $1k for new tires.  My trailer is a Sooner gooseneck.
    I call it my diet truck.  It is smaller, and thinner!  For hauling, this truck is a horse haulers dream come true.  I did consider the Chev Duramax diesel, but didn't want to spend the extra $4,000.  The Chev has a very pleasant cab too, very nice for towing those long miles.  Diesel prices are very volatile.  They also stink and are noisey too.  The Duramax IS the quietest diesel on the market.  The 8.1L engine is strong and fast.  It is balanced, and smooth, just like a very nice riding horse.
    Happy Trucking!
    Laura T - Truck has a compass and temp guage in the rear-view mirror. Came in handy when I left the Pirate Run ride!
    Diamond - I wonder what my teeth marks will look like on a red truck, as opposed to a white truck.
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