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    Re: [RC] Global warming - Lisa P.

     I think we all need to keep in mind nature has a cycle. Here in Florida
    we have a drought. What most people don't know is that Florida, despite
    being subtropical is considered a desert climate when it comes to
    rainfall amounts normally anyway. Now, yes we have had several dry years
    lately, however, there is a normal seven to ten year cycle for many
    things down here.
     I am tired of everyone trying to use the "normal" cycle of nature to
    prove "global warming". We have NOT had enough documented years of
    weather to prove whether global warming exists or not. They have only
    recently told us that El Nino` has been around for 1500 years! What else
    is the public missing to make their own decisions about whether global
    warming is a reality or just myth like some many other things we are
    handed and expected to believe?
     Just some food for thought.
    In His Hands,
    Lisa P.
    North Central Florida
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