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    Re: [RC] Old Dominion meets the South! - Coujurs1

    In a message dated 5/12/02 11:13:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time, hwb67@xxxxxxx writes:
    Not to put Nina on the spot, and she'll probably ignore me anyway, but since it's Mother's Day, and I know she & Duane will make me an Uncle someday soon (didn't know Nina and I were related, did ya?)

    Now that is probably the best form of birthcontrol, thinking Howard will be an uncle to a child <g>

    is the OD as difficult, per mile (I'm not silly enough to compare 100's to 50's), as Leatherwood? Please explain your answer, in detail.? lol.

    The OD 50, no.  There is quite a bit of room to move on it, compared to little or no room to really roll at Leatherwood.  Even though Leatherwood was easier this year (Abbie took out the last hard climb on every trail out) it is still harder, IMHO.  The 50 at OD is beautiful!  You probably have a longer climb heading into the second VC (fitchets? I have a hard time remembering that VC name) , than any at Leatherwood, but there are more climbs at Leatherwood.  Both are great rides, I like a challenging trail.  The OD starts out goes over skyline drive and through Limeton, small town.  You have quite a bit of gravel roads into the first VC (at least I think the 50 stops at the River, the 100 doesn't though) where you cross the River for the McCoy's Ford VC.  That is way cool, Genie Spears always gets great pictures there, and sometimes pictures of impromptu baths.  After the first VC you pretty much climb and the descend into the second VC, it too has natural water.  Then you end up coming down Sherman's Gap, and into the McCoy's ford VC (at the River again).  After McCoy's ford it is a repeat back to camp, although you have a VC 5 miles from camp at Liberty Hall.  
     BTW my future OD/Leatherwood horse finished his first 50 this past weekend at Longstreets, also a very challenging trail.  And he wasn't last, in the last group though.  
     Longstreets is a nice ride too.  I think I was in the saddle at this 50 as long as I have been at some 100's.  Young horses, if you survive them, they are great.