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    [RC] dressage saddles for endurance riding - Ridecamp Guest

    Becky Prunty bprunty@xxxxxxxxx
    I have recently been fortunate enough to start taking dressage lessons and hoped those of you riding dressage type saddles could tell me your thoughts on doing endurance in this type of saddle. I would like to purchase a dressage saddle soon and after reading the posts in the archive section feel I am on the right track with dressage. I used to ride a Stubben siegfried but have done most of my distance riding in an Ortho Flex before the express lite even came out. It is a very old model but my horses and I do not seem to like the System II I had put under it when the old flex panels gave out. Any advice would be appreciated. I have all Arabs to fit and most of them with a fairly short back and medium wide withers. Thanks in advance for your help!
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