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    [RC] Great Clinic! - Lisa P.

     Well, everyone who missed the SEDRA clinic this past weekend missed a
    GREAT ONE! From the rider nutrition and exercise Friday night to Susan's
    talk on Saturday! Not to mention getting to see that Dressage mule! NEAT!
     Susan, if you have a sec, or if ANYONE else from the clinic remembers,
    why is Yucca bad in meds. and supplements and feed? My feed guy tries to
    keep up on good nutrition and the lady who works there feed yucca for its
    anti-inflammatory properties. Along with Yucca some other stuff was
    mentioned, does anyone remember those as well? I got information overload
    and didn't even put that stuff in my notes! 
     Thanks all!
    In His Hands,
    Lisa P.
    North Central Florida
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