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    [RC] Question on Prepurchase exam - Ridecamp Guest

    Rae tallcarabians@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      A friend is buying a mare - mostly for breeding purposes and the prepurchase exam was done in CA (we're in TX).  She is wondering about point #1 - does this sound like something to really be worried about??
    "History: mare, artificial insemination last year, open. 
    Beautiful, homozygous bay/white/black, 5-year-old mare. 
    1. superficial vertical cracks, both front hooves & separation of walls 
    2. negative hoof tester 
    3. negative on circles 
    4. negative flexion tests 
    Very strong, solid-built. 
    Rectal: uterus normal size for maiden; right ovary small 3cm-5cm; left ovary
    5cm, follicle clusters, one small ova, soft 
    Vaginal: 1 finger cervix; mare probably just went out of heat."
    Tall C Arabians SE Tx
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