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Want an equine companion

 A friend wrote me asking if I knew of a horse someone would like to
retire.  Sounds like a great home if one of you guys with limited pasture
has a retiree.  It is in the Chattanooga, TN area. If you're interested I
will forward your replies.

Forwarded message:

Hi Angie,

Pat Miller, a friend of mine, who is a local animal behaviorist and runs
Peaceble Paws out on Hixon Pike, has put out a request for an equine
companion for her mare, Rafiki, since they lost their 35-year-old Arabian
mare recently.  Can be older, doesn't have to be 100% sound, for light
riding only.  This is a great couple--she teaches classes on positive dog
training and also teaches trainers.  Writes a regular article for the My
Dog Journal and has recently published a book on positive dog training. 
He (Paul) is the director of the Chattanooga Animal Services and you
couldn't find a nicer guy.  The Kennel Club has had them both to speak on
numerous occasions and our family has used her training classes.  Anyway,
they would give an animal a top-notch home.  If you can think of a horse
maybe looking for a good home, let me know.
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