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Re: Question on S hackamore

Hi, Amber,

Yes, it has a use. Mainly to keep the shanks down and in place. For your
horse, this may not be vital. For my guy, it is all important. That little
piece broke and my 7 yo Arabian gelding discovered that he could throw his
head to flip up the shanks and then do whatever he pleased without regard
for the silly person on his back. :) May sound funny, but he can be
downright scary when he's out of control.

You might want to try wrapping the chain and/or the wire in vetrap to keep
them from tangling.

Good luck. :)

Tanna (I'm FREE!)
Serts (You're so juvenile.)
Nashville, TN

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From: "Bob & Amber Roberts" <>

> The small wire that attaches the shanks together sometimes gets tangled up
> with the curb chain since they are so close together.  It also seems very
> close to the horse and I'm afraid it might hurt him.  I'm wondering
> that small wire is absolutely necessary.  Any comments on this?  I'm
> to cut it off and then discovered it had a vital use.
> Amber

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