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Re: Panacur Purge/liquid Ivomec

This also applies to the ivermectin pastes.  You can buy it in liquid form
(for cattle or pigs) MUCH cheaper than the paste, syringe it down their
throats and they can't spit it out like they can the paste.  Don't get the
Ivomec Plus though, just plain Ivomec.  I think a 50 ml bottle runs anywhere
from $35-45 (shop around) and does 5500 #.  I find it convenient for us
because we worm horses of so many sizes.  It's easy to measure up in a 10cc
syringe.  I don't use a needle though...I cut a slit in the top and either
use an AI tube (we have also used the big 250 ml) or a syringe that has a
protuding tip (not one that screws on) and draw up.  Fast and easy that way.

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