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Re: RC: Appy types?

I've been reading the posts about Appys, Arabs, etc. and just had to brag 
about our 1/2 Arab/Appy, Sur Malibu Bay. Malibu was sired by Sur-Ra-Neet (old 
Kellogg breeding) and out of an Appy mare who was half TB and sired by Malibu 
Chief who goes back to the Arab Ferras. Our Malibu was really beautiful... 
looked like an Arab & colored like an Appy (won at halter and western 
pleasure in the Arab shows) and completed Tevis twice. His most outstanding 
accomplishment was his first endurance ride. He completed the first Capitol 
to Capitol ride (200 miles, Carson City, Nevada to Sacramento, CA) and won 
Best Condition. My son, Mike, rode him and if I remember correctly, Mike was 
still in high school. If we could ever get another half Arab/Appy like him I 
would be in heaven. Until now, we stick with the purebred Arabs.

So. Calif.

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