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Re: Appys and Arabs

From my experiences with both of these breeds, I would be afraid to cross 
them.  Give them opposable thumbs and they could very well take over the 

Absolutely the mostest perfectest Appy even was my dearly departed Wildfire 
(b. 10/1983 - d. 7/25/1999).  And I'm not biased at all.

The first time I laid eyes on him, a scrawny pure white weanling, he bit me. 
  Hard.  Drew blood.  It was love at first sight!  (("No Mommy, I don't want 
the sweet already halter broke bay with the socks.  I want THAT ONE!!!"))

Mean as a snake!!!  Couldn't be trusted within 10 feet of the unwary guest.  
Dumped my boyfriend/later husband/later ex-husband into a pile of cactus, 
deliberately.  Stopped in the middle of a overpass with my father, and 
refused to budge, deliberately.  Stopped in the middle of the pasture with 
my mother and refused to budge, you guessed it, again deliberately.  Too 
smart for his own good.  Highly opinioniated. Definitely knew my place in 
our partnership.

But came running when I called softly, neighing loudly, jumped 3 ft with me, 
4+ with my sister (I was too chicken to go higher than 3'), took me to 
regionals in western pleasure, western riding, and halter, took my sister to 
state in pole bending and goat tying.  Swam creeks, climbed mountains, 
killed snakes, chased dogs, terrorized cows.  Only got to do one LD before 
he died, as I just discovered endurance, but he would of been a great one.

If a non-approved person entered the pasture, he'd sneak up behind and bite 
or come tearing from the trees, and pass sooooo close, the person invaribly 
fell down scrambling away.  Could only be led if the lead was wrapped around 
his nose, or if a chain across it.  Otherwise, just might take it into his 
head to go "that a-way instead this a-way" and be damned if the person on 
the end of the rope could actually stop him.  Definitly the Lord of the 

Rocking chair canter, good traveling walk, trotted nice when he felt like 
it, like a jackhammer if he was pissed.  Perfect bareback horse.  Ugly head, 
almost roman nosed, nice eye, decent ears.  Gorgeous color when grown, sure 
was ugly until then.  Started out white with no markings until 5 then palest 
buttermilk palomino with large snowy blanket and gold spots.

My newest love?
a 1999 BLUE STAR filly.  Love at first sight.  Again.  And she didn't even 
have to bit me to get my attention!  And just like Wildfire, she knows I'm 
hooked.  Nickers when she sees me, pins her ears at everyone else.  To smart 
for her own good and knows it.  Chases dogs, bit a cat, terrorizes the pony. 
  Forget being Lady of the Manor, she's God Herself and doesn't mind letting 
you know her opinion on Life, the Universe, and the current state of her 
feed bucket.  Definitely knows my place in our partnership.

Good overstride at a walk, incredible trot.  Going to be too wide for a 
comfy bareback horse.  Great head, huge nostrils, incredible black-lined 
eyes, large strongly shaped ears.  Kind of an ugly rose grey right now, 
should be a crisp grey touch white by 5.

Heaven help if those two personalities ever accidentaly became lodged in the 
same horse!

"I live in my own little world, but that's okay, they all know me here."

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