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RE: Breed Bashing - Yes

Tsk, tsk, tsk. People mustn't be so sensitive. I have a barn full of
mongrels (mostly Arab crosses...though one looks for all the world like a
New Forest Pony), one possibly pedigree (unregistered) Egyptian Arab and as
of a couple of months ago, a Dutch Warmblood/Appy cross.
Most of my horses came to me with problems. The App, Just Jack, was
described as "dangerous" in the box, but today is a teddy bear and a joy to
ride. He had just suffered from sensory deprivation from spending too much
time in a stall and abuse from misbehaving when bored...and he's only about
5 yrs old. Horses are like people and you see all kinds. I've watched
sensible horses turn into airheads when ridden by people who expect
that...and I've watched horses that seriously were dangerous learn to be
kind when cared for properly. No reason in the world to feel defensive about
anything....except maybe that blasted pony <G>! Actually, he's a gem and I
couldn't care less what anyone ever said about him.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt


Go reread the emails about the Appy's, and yes, it is breed bashing.  And it
is not just from that series of emails that makes those of us who own other
than Arabs get defensive.  Go to the archives and see the response when
people ask about buying a horse other than an Arab.  It gets down right
abusive, basically people saying that your stupid for wanting something
other than an Arab for endurance.

Another reply to this string was that Arabs are the majority of winners,
which I will agree with.  But if Appaloosas, Morgans, Standardbreds,
Throroughbreds or whatever has years of breeding programs selectively
breeding for this sport, and 80% of the horses riding were these breeds,
then they would be the top finishers.

Carolyn Burgess

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