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RE: Weaving

karen standefer
Horses are prey animals.  Instinctively, they are at risk of being
"gotten" if they are cooped up and can't flee.  Consequently, stalling or
confining them causes varying degrees of stress.  My horse is also a
weaver.  He looked gaunt and was a nervous wreck when he was stalled at
night.  I solved the problem by putting him out 24/7.  He bloomed in less
than 30 days after turning him out.  I absolutely will not stall him for
whatever reason again.  They recover from injuries better and are much
happier emotionally and physiologically when out 24/7.

Just my opinions.


>>have another problem with my guy that I thought you guys could help me
with. He is a stall weaver. He is turned out daily but kept in his stall
when the weather is bad. Unfortunately that is up to the owners of the
barn I board at. If they think it is going to be a really rainy day they
keep all the horses inside and then he weaves probably most of the day. He
gets turned out with another horse (they are "in love") and has horses
next to his paddock. There is some grass in his turnout. He just seems to
really weave when people are there and he is in his stall. He can see
other horses (bars between stalls) which is good and he can put his head

How much of an effect does it have on endurance training if he weaves?
Does my horse need to be an UN-stalled horse 24/7 to make him feel less
confined and his body in better resting condition? I read that weaving can
affect his tendons and can cause stumbling which is what he does when he
gets tired from a hard training ride.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Karla Watson
Portland, Oregon<<

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