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RC: Trailer Loading

>>What could be happening with an ex-show mare that all the sudden doesn't want to load is the quality of the trailer. I've noted that inexpensive rattle-trap trailers are nerve racking for horses who are used to sleek more expensive trailers that are solid and offer a better ride.<<

Kathy, I think you hit the nail right on the head! Lola's former owner had a Beeeauuutiful Big Slant Load trailer sitting at her barn. When I bought her, we brought her home (4 hr drive) in my friend's 2 horse strait, all aluminum trailer whose center divider does not latch down anywhere, it's only held in place at the back by the butt bars. My friend has had trouble with other horses turning against loading with that rattley thing (it's very nice looking but oh-so-noisey!). This is the very same trailer in which she skedaddled out & banged her head the first unsuccessful try last week. I think once she realized *which* trailer she was in, she panicked. Even though my 2 horse strait load is similiar, it has a more sold feeling wooden floor, steel frame, & the center divider is solidly in there - doesn't rattle around. We trailered her on a 4 hr trip in ours & got her back in at the end of the weekend without too much trouble. So... I think once we get through this I'll stick with my own trailer until I'm sure she's over it. Or... the next horsie thing I'll be telling hubby I can't live without is a snazzy new trailer! <VBG>

Bany,  Leaping Lola, & Dependable Dinah

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