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pairing up

I'm wondering, at what point do you say ok, I'm too tall or too heavy for 
this horse I need something taller and or bigger to carry me?

I'm asking this because I used to ride a small Arab gelding at a breeding 
farm that I used to work at in an arena.  He had no trouble carrying me at 
all.  Two days ago I made a pity purchase for $300.  He is about the same 
size as the little gelding I used to ride, he is supposed to be 7yr but I 
think he is 9 or 10, I don't know anything about him because someone bought 
him at the auction yard and that guy starved him until he looked like bones 
with a hide draped over it.

Now the good stuff.  He loads and hauls better than any horse I have ever 
owned.  Walks out with a big stride as if he were 16 hands, is very well 
mannered (hasn't spooked once and didn't even run around and carry on when I 
brought him home and he's a stud!), loves to go out and slow to go home, 
excellent conformation (nice shoulders, good sized feet), but he stands 
about a whopping 14 to 14.2 hands.  I think at one point someone really 
cared about this horse and that he has been a lot of places.

The person who abused him owned him for 7 months (just enough time to starve 
and abuse).  He bought him at the slaughter auction to use for breeding to a 
pinto mare and when Christmas rolled around he needed money and was going to 
take him back to the auction until his neighbor a friend of mine made him an 
offer that wasn't to be refused and I have him now to nurse back to health 
and then find him a good home, the thing is I don't want to give him up.  I 
think this is the endurance horse for me, but is he to small?  I'm 5'7" and 
lets say 145 is my realistic weight, but I have some working out to do after 
baby number two in order to get back to that weight.

I'm I too big for this horse?

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