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Re: pairing up

> excellent conformation (nice shoulders, good sized feet), but he stands
> about a whopping 14 to 14.2 hands.  I think at one point someone really
small?  I'm 5'7" and
> lets say 145 is my realistic weight, but I have some working out to do
> baby number two in order to get back to that weight.
> I'm I too big for this horse?

Erin, I did a master's thesis on how rider weight affect shorse performance
during the Tevis ride.  I'm guessing that with tack, you'll weigh in around
175, and I'm guessing that at a good weight, your new boy will go maybe 850
lbs.  That means he'll be carrying only about 20% of his own bodyweight.
The *average* horse that completed Tevis carried more than that, and many
horses finished Tevis carrying in excess of 25%.  A significant number
finished carrying more than 30%.  You can see the stats at under the Tevis study headings.

The key words in your post were that he has excellent conformation, a good
walk, good feet and has already been around the block.  Sounds to me like
you got an excellent horse that just needs some groceries and TLC.  You're
not too big, go and have fun. :-)))

Susan G

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