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Re: RC: DVE/LSD (Long)

At 10:28 AM 1/6/02 -0500, you wrote:
 IMHO, this "training method" is not
appropriate, sets a bad example, and 5 yrs is too young....but that's
just MY opinion. Everyone is entitled to one, even me :) How you train
is a personal decision.

**I don't think 5 years old is too young for a horse to do a multilday
ride.  Since it's December (now January), this horse is much closer to six
years old.  I happen to know that it was conditioned consistently before
this ride and IMO, one of the best things that you can do for a horse
starting out is take it thru a multiday ride slowly.  My horse Rocky did a
couple of days on a multiday when he was 5, it was the best thing for him.
He might have done more days but I had another horse to ride.

Starting at the same time (1997), I have done 20 rides, with 18
completions, consistently in the Top Ten.

**Ahhh...but see, your horse has been getting hammered on every ride it's
done "consistently".  The horse you guys are talking about has not, and
will probably stay sound and have a much longer career in this sport.
Doing a slow multiday ride is a lot less harmful on a horse than top
tenning a one day ride.  I saw this horse and know that he went home from
the ride sound, happy and in good condition.  In a lot better shape than
some of the older more experienced horses that were ridden hard.  (I also
noticed that most people posting about how awful this was have never done
a multiday ride)


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