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Endurance Horse

I looked at so many I couldn't remember them all.  I took my movie camera with me so I could remember which was which, along with a notepad and notes.  

There are a lot of horses, even very young ones, with leg problems.  I had so many vet checks, it really started eating away at my purchase money, but in the end it was worth it.  Make sure you get a very thorough check. If there's any problems at all, unless you really love the horse, pass it by. I had x-rays done on one, because I really wanted her, and wanted to see if her hock problems were something we could work with, but as it turns out there aren't too many leg problems you want to start out with in this sport because it's a very demanding sport. 

Try to make your decision with your head and not your heart.  I ended up with a horse that wasn't "my perfect horse" because of circumstances, but it turns out that she's the one for the job, and is turning into my "perfect horse."


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