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Buying First Endurance Horse

I've never bought one myself. My current gelding has
completed a couple of 50's and hopefully will again. But I
went this past weekend to look at a younger horse (6) and
the first thing I noticed is he's a hard-keeper. I asked
questions re: this and of course the owner told me all
arabs tend to be hardkeepers.  He needs to come to a
ridecamp sometime! From what he said he fed, it wasn't a
matter of just poor food, he was a true hard-keeper. The
horse wouldn't tie, had been starved (then rescued) from
birth to age 10 months, (so first year of life wasn't
growing good bones/tendons/ligaments, it was staying alive)
was narrow chested and had the lightest rear end and long
pasterns. The owner just knew he'd make a great endurance
horse as "you just can't tire him out!" So, I guess I can
tell you what NOT to buy!!! :)

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